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Helping Professional Business Managers keep their production assets maintained since 2003

Providing complete Building and Commercial Kitchen maintenance services. Maintenance of Buildings and Building Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems, HVAC, and Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression and Air Supply Systems.

Headquartered in Seattle, with a satellite office in Las Vegas, Interstate Building Maintenance LLC maintains building HVAC and mechanical systems, commercial kitchen production equipment, and tenant repairs. Our company specializes in all Food Preparation Equipment and Appliance maintenance and repairs, from cleaning grease traps to recharging your refer unit or changing out the ignition module on your stove, our techs will help you keep your kitchen producing. Whether you’re an owner, chef, or manager, we will not only maintain all of your equipment, but we’ll also do tenant improvements and maintenance on your facilities. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our services to support your individual company’s needs.

Our technicians have extensive training and experience, and are backed by the composite knowledge of our parent company, which designs and installs commercial kitchens. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and food service industry regulations—all to give you exceptional operational abilities that will last for years to come.

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Scope of Work

HVAC/ refer Systems Maintenance

Commercial Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems need to be maintained & cleaned quarterly to prevent dirt buildup and system failures - imagine your hottest days in Summer or coldest days in Winter, if your system is going down, those are the days it’ll happen. Don’t take that chance, keep your HVAC systems in top working order to prevent an environmental disaster from disrupting your business.

commercial kitchen appliance repair

Commercial kitchens have a vast variety of appliances & cooking implements. Our technicians are exceptional handymen who know their way around mechanical/ electrical/ thermodynamic devices.

Range Grease & Fire hood maintenance

Type 1 hoods (grease & fire) must be constantly maintained to prevent buildup of paraffin & molds (and other air pollutants & combustibles), and to ensure the fire suppression system will operate as intended, if ever needed. We recommend deep-cleaning your hoods and ducts, and testing all ventilation and fire systems at least quarterly, depending on your business throughput.

janitorial & cleaning services

We have a full range of janitorial and cleaning services available, depending on your particular needs. From nightly light cleanings to full-on janitorial services or special event clean-ups, we can design a program that fits your needs.

Tenant Improvements & maintenance

Tenant improvements need to be maintained and repaired to keep your business functioning the way you intended - you’ve made the initial investment, now keep it working for you as long as possible. Interstate Building Maintenance is geared for doing everything from minor paint touch-ups up to major facility remodels.

major event cleanup & Damage control

Disasters happen - Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water (and sometimes employees) all conspire to wipe you out, so we are geared to help clean up the mess. We will work with you and your insurance company to determine the best way to mitigate the damages and get your operation back up to full production ASAP.


It’s a combination of science, maintenance, and general housekeeping. And then, occasionally, robotics activities or a spacewalk you might get to do.
— Scott Kelly


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